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Emika Oka (Mika)
4 min readSep 9, 2023


On platforms like Medium, there are many ways to show writers that you appreciate their work, and it’s not all about just giving them money.

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  • Engage with Their Stories: One of the best ways to support writers is to actively engage with their stories. Leave comments, share your thoughts, and let them know how much you liked their writing. Writers love this kind of interaction; it makes them feel connected to their readers.
  • Use Kind Words: Sometimes, a kind word or a simple note of encouragement can mean even more to a writer than a monetary donation. Let them know you appreciate their work, tell them what you enjoyed, and offer words of encouragement. Positive feedback can be incredibly uplifting.
  • Share Their Work: If you come across a story that really speaks to you, share it with your friends and followers. This helps the writer reach a wider audience and get their ideas out there.
  • Follow and Clap: Following a writer you admire and consistently clapping for their stories is an easy way to show your support. It encourages them to keep writing and shows them that their work is valued.
  • Money Matters, But It’s Not Everything: While tipping writers with a few dollars is appreciated, it’s not the only way to support them. Even small contributions can add up and help them continue doing what they love.
  • Buy Digital Products: Purchase digital products like eBooks, digital art, or music tracks from creators. The money you spend on these can go directly to supporting them.
  • Subscribe to Services: Creators often offer subscription-based services like newsletters or streaming. By subscribing and donating the subscription fees, you can show your support.
  • Pay-What-You-Want: Some creators let you choose how much you want to donate through pay-what-you-want products or services.

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